We are here to provide shelter for the Unsheltered: contact@basecampsforunsheltered.com

We are here to provide shelter for the Unsheltered: contact@basecampsforunsheltered.com

Medical and non-medical detox is available on site to help clients withdraw from drugs and alcohol and…

Every Base Camp is uniquely tailored to address the specific needs of the unsheltered population, serving as an effective interim housing solution while also providing opportunities for community engagement. These custom-designed Base Camps are more than just places of support; they function as transitional platforms for local residents to actively participate and make a difference, bridging the gap towards permanent housing solutions.

Within your city, Base Camps would partner closely with local nonprofit organizations and faith-based communities, joining forces to provide a healthy community within.This collaboration will help create a thriving, supportive, and welcoming community. Other examples of such partnerships could include teaming up with educational institutions to offer skill-building workshops or partnering with local businesses to provide job opportunities for residents.

When your city approves a mobile Base Camp and provides access to an available plot of land, it allows us to swiftly deploy a Base Camp in a fraction of the time and the cost of constructing a traditional shelter building. Our mobile Base Camps are designed to create a sense of community, resembling a mobile home park setting complete with a community center, security fencing, and gated access. This secure environment ensures that our mobile Base Camps function as a safe haven for those in need. Unlike building a permanent homeless shelter, once Base Camps for the Unsheltered has fulfilled its mission in your city, we can easily relocate or remove our mobile camps.

We offer a safe and secure place to sleep for those experiencing homelessness, ensuring that nobody has to spend the night on the streets.

Access to regular meals is a basic human necessity. We provide nutritious meals to those in need, helping them maintain their health and well-being.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to stay clean and healthy. Our facilities include showers and laundry services, promoting good hygiene and self-esteem.

We offer access to medical care, addressing both physical and mental health needs to help individuals on their journey toward stability.

Join our dedicated team of volunteers and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.